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Online Tutorials

Here is a selection of tutorial videos that will help you to get more knowledge on how to train your body while being at home. You can perform these exercises with limited material

All this content is provided for free. However, we appreciate your support with any small (or big ) donations at my Ko-Fi for every tutorial that you watch. This will help us to keep creating material for you.

Thanks everyone for watching and for your support!


Tutorials by Discipline

Yoga teacher demonstrating a Pigeon Pose


Set of videos explaining deeper about certain yoga asanas. Hip openings, back bends, standing postures, twists or core focus are equally possible to be selected. These are open level videos for everyone

Pilates instructor performing abs exercises with a swiss ball


Set of videos explaining deeper concepts about Pilates exercises for a full body workout. Diverse and fun exercises are given using props.

Fitness instructor performing butt exercises and also arm exercises with small weights


Videos focus on exercises to help you to shape your legs, bootie and thigh, and of course, to strength your core and whole body in general. Plank, side-planks and other exercises coming from Pilates

Tutorials by Focus

Yoga teacher performing routines to increase flexibility


Fitness instructor performing butt exercises to tonify the body

Body Shaping & Conditioning

Yoga teacher performing flexibility exercises for therapeutic purposes


Yoga teacher performing back bend exercises

Back Bend

Pilates teacher doing abs routine using props to tonify abs


yoga teacher performing a hip opening exercise to increase flexibility

Hip Opening

Tutorials by Difficulty

Yoga teacher performing an inverse warrior one yoga pose to demostrate beginner students

Low Difficulty

yoga teacher performing a headstand and a front split in the air for intermediate students

Medium Difficulty

Yoga teacher performing a very deep back bend posture for advance students

High Difficulty

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