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How to Achieve Deep Backbend Yoga Series

What you'll learn

This program is for those who are looking to increase back flexibility and achieve a beautiful backbend. Multiply your back flexibility and achieve postures such as bow pose with the legs at your head, king pigeon pose, and bhujangasana. Here I provide detailed explanations that will help you to deblock your tight areas and open your muscles to achieve those postures.


What is this Course About

If you would like to get beautiful deep and balanced backbends then this program is for you!

  • Lose the fears of changing your grip

  • Have a beautifully balanced extension

  • Get your legs to your head or close to your head in pigeon, bow, and in royal cobra

  • Get a nice balanced arch in backbends and arrive to drop backbend

  • Lose the fear of falling in drop backbend


With this program I will help you to improve:

  • The flexibility of your upper back

  • The flexibility of your lower back

  • The flexibility of your hip flexors

  • Strengthen your back

  • Mobilize your shoulders

  • Hip flexibility and mobility

What is it Included in this Course

The program includes:

  • Understand better how the backbends function

  • Prewarm up, sun salutations, sequenced classes, drills for achieving better skills, closing sequences, meditation

  • Grip flip with king pigeon pose, bow pose and tiger pose, bhujangasana.

  • Build up and establish a solid and safe home practice

  • How to use the wall and props to adjust yourself

  • Bonus tracks: Split class and drop backbend preparation tutorials


How to Get Access

Virtual Studio

Orsi-Yoga-Pilates - Online Classes.jpg

Enjoy the content of the program with your Virtual Studio subscription from our website


Orsi yoga teacher is performing a deep backbend exercise to impress everyone

Buy once the whole course and get access from Udemy website or mobile application

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