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Fitness Collective Classes

Participate in our group classes in Yoga and Pilates at Merode Brussels

Yoga Pilates and Fitness

We are offering Yoga, Pilates and fitness collective classes in a small group fashion. Our team of experienced teachers will ensure that your learning is safe and you are receiving a lot of attention in order to progress the best possible way.


Yoga students attending a Yoga Class and performing a Warrior 1 Pose

There are multiple health benefits of yoga, from gaining overall strength and flexibility calmer nervous system, better sleep lower blood pressure and blood sugar.



Pilates is an excellent full body workout helping to ease pack pain shaping and toning the body and get in shape and gain overall strength.


Llifting Weights

LBT (Legs, Booty and Tight) is a dynamic fitness class focused on shaping and weight loss. Legs, buttock and thigh are in the canter of attention however we do not neglect abdominal exercises either. Own body weight or elastic are sufficient for perform the class.

Make a Reservation

Book any of our collective classes through our online system​

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