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Corporate Wellbeing Classes

We offer various options for in-company collective classes, team building events, facilitated workshops, and company-sponsored coupons at the studio. Contact us for a tailored proposal!

Yoga, Pilates and Fitness for a healthy happy team!

  • Why to organise classes at your work

Due to busy professional and personal schedules company employees may to take part in regular classes. Therefore rather than having to leave the office to visit classes we can bring the classes to your place. This way it is easier to incorporate changes into a weekly routine and create a positive lifestyle.

Studies shows that the healthy employee is a happy employee and many companies now recognise the health benefits that can be gained by providing yoga Pilates or fitness class to the employees.

Pilates, yoga or LBT classes are excellent enhancement to any corporate environment and can help motivate employees to lead healthier lifestyle and better deal with stress and having multiple benefits

  • Negative effect of stress and sedentary lifestyle

Stress, lower back issues and pack pain are frequently present in our modern life. Longer working hours and poor posture and a lot of sitting contributes to these complaints. Beside this physical problem chronic stress and professional burn out can also add to the list.


Yoga students attending a Yoga Class and performing a Warrior 1 Pose

There are multiple health benefits of yoga, from gaining overall strength and flexibility calmer nervous system, better sleep lower blood pressure and blood sugar.



Pilates is an excellent full body workout helping to ease pack pain shaping and toning the body and get in shape and gain overall strength.


Llifting Weights

LBT (Legs, Booty and Tight) is a dynamic fitness class focused on shaping and weight loss. Legs, buttock and thigh are in the canter of attention however we do not neglect abdominal exercises either. Own body weight or elastic are sufficient for perform the class.

What do we Offer for Corporate Classes

  • Organise weekly events for your employees on-site and online

  • Classes can be given in English or French

  • We can provide you classes any time of the day including morning, lunchtime and after work classes

  • Different styles which most of your employees would feel happy with to follow, such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates Mat Work, LBT

  • A team of instructor certified by Yoga Alliance/ NASM/ ISSA/ Stott Pilates Institute

  • We will provide you with the training material in case is needed

Ready to Empower your Colleagues?

If you would like more details on our Corporate Classes, please register your interest

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