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Body Sculpting Pilates Series

What you'll learn

Welcome to my Body Sculpting Pilates with Props Series. With the help of this video series, you will learn to work out alone adapt and modify the exercises for yourself according to your current needs. You will learn how to progress or regress the level of some exercises and how to modify them. You will also understand the basics and alignments of Pilates. The program is suitable for any age, body type and you can join from any level.


What is this Course About

If you would to have a guided workout for Pilates then this program is for you!

  • How to modify exercises to your own level

  • How to perform variations and modifications to exercises so they became easier or harder for you, according to your actual needs

  • Learn how to work out by your own: without props, with long elastic, with short elastic and with water bottles

  • Understand the basics of Pilates the correct alignments and the correct breathing.

What is it Included in this Course

The program includes:

  • Essentials about Pilates

  • 12 video workouts of 30min from beginner to advance

  • How to workout without props, elastics, and water bottles

  • Bonus track: 30min Intermediate and Advance Pilates Classes


How to Get Access

Virtual Studio

Orsi-Yoga-Pilates - Online Classes.jpg

Enjoy the content of the program with your Virtual Studio subscription from our website



Buy once the whole course and get access from Udemy website or mobile application

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