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About Us

Relax - Harmony - Wellbeing

We are a team of dedicated fitness and well-being professionals that will help you to stay fit. We look at give you balance in your life to boost up your immune system and stay healthy.

Our Offer

At the Sofitel Fitness we are offering Pilates and Yoga classes in group and private fashion. Our collective classes are taking part in the beautiful and ventilated conference halls of Sofitel. You can also book a private session with any Pilates or Yoga coach from our team. 


At the Sofitel Wellness area our team will help you to relax, recover from stress, getting your mind in balance again and increase your well-being. Massages are a helpful way to help your relaxation and energy recharge. They also improves blood and lymph flow, thereby strengthening the immune system. 

Our Team Members


Orsolya Nagystok

Founder - Yoga Pilates Instructor - Personal Trainer

Yoga Teacher (500RYT), Pilates Instructor (Stott and Classical Pilates) and Personal Trainer (ISSA and NASM). I provide classes in Yoga, Pilates mat work and working with all the machines as well reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair ladder barrel; and personal training.

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